New, New, New

Just a bit of updating going on here. I've many places where I share my thoughts and ideas, but here, I am considering opening up a site to showcase (and maybe sell) a few of my handmade items. Reworked or of my own design, it's just a bit of me.

From dried herbs (?) to artwork to jewelry and clothing, I hope it's just a new path to hike along. Hang in there with me! I will have some pictures up soon and will obviously have to figure out how to accept payments....

Dark Star


Tint~ said...

Found you! My feed says there were previous blogs which aren't here anymore. Did you delete them or is the feeder wrong?

Lea said...

Hey cherie Kat! Thanks for your comment on my new profile - not sure how often I'll drop in there *wink* but your lovely words are, well, lovely, cherie! Thank you!

Also - I'm looking forward to see the jewellery you've made - I wanna see, I wanna see!

Lots and lots of kisses :-*