MidSummers Eve Faerie Costume (child)

From a Mid-Summers Eve Night
comes a faerie inspired costume
designed to delight a child
(and changes with their mood...)

Underdress Front
(wearable by itself)

Underdress Detail
(the dress ties at the shoulders but the button details are just that... ...delightful details)

Fanciful Overdress

Back of Overdress Detail

Lace Detail

~cost: depends upon child's size, choice of fabrics and detailing~


Beaded Celestial Glory Tote Bag

A reworked tapestry bag with the familiar smiling sun with the moon, planets and stars all in attendance. The border is beaded with cosmic swirls, stars and meteors.

This bag is black and navy blue, with a rainbow of glass beads. It fits over the shoulder and can store many books or even some of your shopping.

24.99 + shipping and handling.


New, New, New

Just a bit of updating going on here. I've many places where I share my thoughts and ideas, but here, I am considering opening up a site to showcase (and maybe sell) a few of my handmade items. Reworked or of my own design, it's just a bit of me.

From dried herbs (?) to artwork to jewelry and clothing, I hope it's just a new path to hike along. Hang in there with me! I will have some pictures up soon and will obviously have to figure out how to accept payments....

Dark Star